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Quick Installation of Arialshop

To install the script follow the steps below.

  1. Extract the downloaded .zip file from codecanyon on your PC.
  2. Create account on AWS S3
  3. Modify .env file inside backend, frontend, admin
  4. Modify your config file with your credentials
  5. Create an account on your preferred cloud provider Digitalocean, Vultr, AWS, Linode
  6. Create an Cloud Compute (EC2, Droplet, Node) instance
  7. Login to that instance as roow
  8. Copy the file to /var/www folder and extract the zip using the following command unzip
  9. Install Docker using
  10. Run the following command wchich will start the app docker compose up
  11. Following are the predefined ports for apps
  • API: 7000
  • CORE: 7001
  • Admin: 3001
  • WWW: 3000
  1. Point your domain A record to


  1. Your website will be up within 2 minutes